Ready for summer camp!

Post date: Jul 6, 2017 8:01:40 PM

Arrival and check-in

We are meeting at Oak Spring at 11:30am; departing by no later than 11:45am. Parents with scouts needing ride can drop them at that time. Please email me Mr. Guzman.

Check-in is at 1pm. Parents are welcomed to drive directly, but please be early. The scouts will not be able to check-in until the entire troop it on-site.

Make sure that your son brings a brown bag lunch to eat on the way to camp.

Scouts were told to wear their class A uniform and swimming trunks underneath to be ready for the swim test. This applies to adults leaders as well.

Departure from camp

Scouts must depart camp by 10am. Parent are strongly encouraged to wear protective gear against foul fumes or just make sure the car windows are down in case your son smells. Hazmat suits are not available for purchase on site.

Emergency contacts

    • Carlos Guzman

    • Dave Kraus


See Mrs. Smith’s follow-up email regarding details.

Camping checklist

See our website for details:

Miscellaneous items

    • Cell phones are strongly encouraged to be left at home to prevent unnecessary disruptions and loss.

    • Make sure that your son has enough money to cover the following

        • Trading post – for candy and souvenirs

        • Ammunition for open rifle/shotgun shooting for those interested - note that ammunition for a shooting merit badge is covered in the cost of camp

        • Scoutmaster babysitting tip J

Summer camp is one of the highlights of the scouting year. The scouts will have a lot of fun!

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