Citizenship in the Community

Post date: Nov 4, 2016 12:51:52 AM

We will meet from 7-7:30pm each week at the Senior Center to work in this merit badge.


    • E-mail Mr. Pugnet and Mrs Smith if you are interested in doing the MB by 11/10.

    • This is an optional activity, but is highly recommended as is EAGLE REQUIRED

  • You can also get a requirement from the Communication MB done as well

    • Get a blue card and fill it out before starting

    • Use this link to get the booklet


Nov. 15th- We will cover points #1 and #2-for HW read pages 2-18 and BE PREPARED to discuss these points with us and bring a map to point out where all of the key places in our community are. (If you have a smart phone and can use it to pull up the information, we will accept that too but make sure you have the information ready for us)

Nov.29th- We will cover point #5 and 6- Pages 25-29 HW. Watch a movie about how an individual or group can have a positive effect on a community. Examples are: Rudy and Radio. If you are not sure if a movie you've seen qualifies, please e-mail us and ask. We will be happy to help.

Dec. 20th- We will cover point #8- Read page 30. Presentation in front of us and the other taking the MB. If you have questions, please ask us.

Jan. 3rd- We will cover points #3 and #4. Read pages 19-23. This require us to attend the local Town Council meeting. We will meet at the Town Hall at 6:45pm in order to be on time. They start at 7pm. (Note: attending this meeting can be used for requirement #5 of the Communication MB. Please review it before the meeting.)

Jan. 10th- We will cover point #3b and #4b. Councilman Vassanella (Dalton's dad) has agreed to sit down with each of you to fulfill 4b requirement. We will be covering 3b with you as well.

Requirement #7- You must bring us proof of fulfilling this one. Some examples are: alter servers, volunteering at the animal shelter, St. Matthias x-mas craft fair, volunteering at baseball field to clean up/set up) If you volunteer and are not sure if it qualifies, please ask us.

NOTE: Dates are subject to change!!!