Aqua Camporee Sign-up @ Oak Springs

Post date: May 17, 2017 2:23:45 AM

We will be participating in the Aqua Camporee at Oak Spring Camp the weekend of June 16 - 18. This is a friendly competition with other area Scout troops and many of the events involve water. There will be boat races, swim races, knot tying in water, fire building on water, first aid, Armegeddon (Catching water balloons) and other fun events.

We are looking for maximum participation from the Scouts so that we can enter 2 Patrols. Cooking will be done by the adults for this trip so the Scouts can enjoy the event. They will eat well!! We will be sleeping in tents.

Itinerary: 2 Nights at Oak Spring Scout Camp, Weston Road, Somerset NJ. We will be camping in tents, and participating in Aqua Camporee. Staying at the Dogwood campsite (next to parking lot).

Depart: Oak Springs, 6:00pm, Friday, June 16, 2017

Return: Oak Springs, by 10:30am, Sunday, June 18, 2017


  • $30.00 per Scout includes Food.

  • $25.00 per Adult includes Food.

* Eat dinner Friday before dropping off. Only light snack will be available Friday night.

Payment: Cash or Check made payable to BSA Troop 154

Uniform: Bring Suitable clothing for the weather. Boys will be getting wet at many events. It is all about the water and skills and having fun!!! Remember to bring your Boy Scout Handbook, day pack and canteen, or water bottle

Please complete the attached slip and return to Mr. Healy as soon as possible (Hopefully by 5/30) as we need to register for the event as well as sign-up online.

Events Notes

1. Fire on Water

  • bring 1 gallon bag dry kindling - only natural stuff

2. Knots on water

  • all scouts must know all 6 basic knots - they will tread water while tying knots

1. Square knot'

2. Clove hitch

3. 2 half hitches

4. Tautline

5. Bowline

6. Sheet Bend

3. Fish fry

  • basket can be made ahead of time

  • natural stuff only-sticks etc.

  • clean up afterward

  • time only used as tiebreaker

  • Be able to ID different types of fish

4. First Aid

  • treat for shock

  • call for help

  • throw rescue rope

5. Swim Relay

  • timed event - 4 legs as usual

6. Splicing

  • eye/back/short - they will supply rope

  • one per patrol - turn in at 4PM

7. Troop Medley

  • to be discussed Friday night at Cracker Barrel

8. Canoe/Rowboats

Scout need to know the safety a-float points

1. Qualified Supervision 2. Planning

3. Swimming Ability 4. Life Jackets

5. Buddy System 6. Skill Proficiency

7. Discipline 8. Equipment

9. Personal Health Review

9. Armagedon

General items

1. Each troop bring 1 bag charcoal

2. No ties

3. shotgun start

4. hard stop at 4pm

5. Skit 1 per troop - must be approved at lunch time

6. Troop awards - Saturday night

7. Patrol Awards - Sunday morning